Flag fan is no hippie Nextel talker

Flag fan is no hippie Nextel talker
Posted on Wednesday, October 13

Think on this…. If you moved into a (non HOA) neighborhood that was full of USC Gamecock fans, and you proudly hung your Clemson flag and painted your shutters Clemson orange, would you think it was fair for your neighbors to demand the town make you take down your Clemson flag and repaint the shutters because Clemson orange offends them? Would you think it would be allowable for your Pentacostal next door neighbor to demand the town make you remove your Halloween jack-o-lantern & scarecrow off your porch b/c this neighbor considered your decorations ‘satanic worship’? Or, would it be right for your Jewish neighbor across the street to petition the town to make you dismantle the Christmas nativity scene in your front yard because they ‘find it offensive’? No?? Then why do these people think they can ask the town to make that lady take down her Confederate flag? Because it "offends" them? Well, if THAT were the case, then there would be no loud Nextel talkers, no bad drivers, no snooty people, and no lazy people in the world b/c THAT’S what ‘offends’ ME. Seriously people, IGNORE her flag. Does ANYBODY want someone else telling them what they can and cant do in or on their .12 acres—especially if it is not physically harming people? No. Dont people realize that it’s human nature to be obstinate…no wonder this lady is saying she’s making Confederate flag curtains next…she has ‘dug in’ against this criticism!! Just imagine the possibilites and what we could accomplish if we refocused all this wasted energy into local issues like employment, homelessness, poverty & education, instead of some flag hanging on someone’s house? And before it gets said…. I’m not a hippy and I dont spout peace, love, and joy, but how about trying just a little tolerance for the rights of others to do, say, wear, and to read what they like—as long as it isnt breaking the law…

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