The Slavery Blitzkrieg Is About To Commence

By Al Benson Jr.

Well, folks, 2011 is here–the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the War of Northern Aggression. This tragic event will be commemorated in many ways over the next four years and you can bet that the paragons of political correctness will view this time as a major asset in their war to destroy Southern culture and its Christian base. That’s what it’s ultimately all about–the destruction of the last basically Christian culture in America.

They’re not about to admit that openly–yet–so they have to cover their efforts with a lot of self-righteous fairy tales about why the North invaded the South. They’ll throw Fort Sumter at us but a look at the facts will show that this was about as valid as the Gulf of Tonkin incident, or the supposed blowing up of the Maine that got us into the Spanish-American War–manufactured incidents to justify aggression.

Then will come the usual old saw about the South seceding from the Union so she could keep her slaves. That has got to be one of the phoniest of all. However, since most people don’t have a clue as to the real history, this hogwash is often enough to fool them.

The truth is that, had Southerners only been interested in keeping their slaves, their states could have just stayed in the Union. Frank Conner, author of “The South Under Siege  1830-2000” a book I highly recommend, has stated:  “The Southern legislators could do their math; thus they knew full well that the only truly-safe way to protect the institution of slavery would be for the Southern states to remain in the Union and simply refuse to ratify any proposed constitutional amendment to emancipate the slaves. For slavery was specifically protected by the Constitution, and that protection could be removed only by an amendment ratified by three-quarters of the states. In 1860 there were 15 slave states and 18 free states. Had the number of slave states remained constant, 27 more free states would have had to be admitted into the Union–for a total of 60 states–before an abolition amendment could be ratified. That was not likely to occur anytime soon.” That would have been 60 states, which we do not even have at this point–regardless of Mr. Obama telling us we now have 57.

As far as the slave trade, lots of “good” folks in New England made lots of money from it. Mr. Conner wrote in his book that: “Soon the slave trade had become one of the major factors in the economies  of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and–to a lesser extent–Connecticut. (New York City got in on the trade peripherally  a bit later)…Many, many entrepreneurs in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York earned great fortunes from the slave trade;  those served as one of the main foundations of wealth in the Northeast…The New Englanders and New Yorkers engaging in the slave trade were–even in their own time–exceedingly cruel men.”

Interesting that we never read about these “gentlemen” in our “history” books. All we read about are the New England abolitionists and their valiant efforts to end slavery. Actually, those efforts started in the South, but you don’t read about that either.

Hugh Thomas, in his book “The Slave Trade” has noted some New Englanders who were involved in this business. He has noted: “The typical slave trader was interested in all kinds of commerce as well as slaves: he might be a banker, such as Pierre Cornut …or also concerned in whaling, in order to make spermaceti candles, as was the case with the Browns of Providence or Aaron Lopez, in Newport, Rhode Island…” So it would seem that slavery was not a particularly “Southern” thing in this country. In fact there have been web sites on the Internet that have dealt with slavery in the North. However, for the politically correct, selective memory about all this seems to work. Ignore what the North did and focus on blaming the South. Try asking one of these South-bashers where the ships that carried slaves to America came from, North or South, and the answer you may get is “Are you serious?”

So folks, get ready; prepare yourselves for the onslaught of the “it was always all about slavery” tirade that is sure to come. Better, yet, start preparing some factual answers for the people that parade this sort of drivel for popular consumption. They have more access to the media than you or I do but we can still tell the truth as the Lord presents opportunities for us to do so.

Remember that, at root, all the accusations of slavery, racism, xenophobia, or all the rest of it have one main aim–the destruction of the basically Christian culture of the South. The people that push this stuff, at least at the leadership levels, are God-haters and need to be exposed.

Content ©2011 Al Benson Jr.

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