Fort Damnation And The “History” Channel

Thursday, December 30, 2010

History Channel Update


As expected, the History Channel has expressed no interest in changing their decision to pull our history segments from the Atlanta market, in spite of the fact that their vice-president who made the decision did so without having even seen the segments first. We have, however, managed to interrupt their office efficiency on several specific days recently at the A&E headquarters in New York City. Additionally, we have now had multiple radio and television interviews here in Georgia related to the story, as well as a large number of newspaper and online articles… all are great exposure for the Division and the SCV in general. We are also working with national HQ to try to stimulate some national exposure for the SCV from this story.

I have been in communication with both Commander Bridwell and CIC Givens; and our next plan is to single out one History Channel advertiser at the time and target them for mass communication from our members and supporters.

Any of you (or your family members) who have the time to do so, please make a complete list of advertisers from the History Channel over the next several days and email them to me personally at We have a list of criteria that we will be using for prioritizing which advertiser to target first and will let everyone know as soon as the decision is made so that we can focus our firepower in one direction at the time.

For the Cause,

Ray McBerry


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