Challenging The Accepted View Of The Civil War

The sesquicentennial of the American Civil War is upon us, and we can expect a lot more conversation in the coming months regarding the causes and effects of that catastrophic war.

Several editorials have recently been published in major newspapers making sure we all know what the real cause of the War was: Slavery. Locally, Gary Dickson reaffirmed this point of view in an editorial entitled “Nothing to Celebrate.”

This view typically hinges on two premises: First, that President Abraham Lincoln was committed “to end slavery in America,” and second, that when the Deep South seceded, they referred to their belief in the inferiority of blacks and their rightly being slaves as justification. Essentially, the idea is that the South was wrong, the North was right, and it is wrong for Americans today to celebrate Confederate heritage.

But these editorials miss the mark. Often they either conveniently leave out important facts or distort them to prove their point.

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