How I Became A Southern Patriot

"I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama, from a long line of Southern stock and have always been proud of my Southern heritage (Beginning in the 1630’s in Maryland to North Carolina, and Georgia, the family has been in Alabama since 1800.) I was a college student (Auburn) during the Birmingham race riots, and the Birmingham church bombing. So, all my life, I was subjected to more than the usual degree of Yankee hate because of where I was from.

When I was a young man and would ask about the war, my father told me those things were best left in the past. He was a successful businessman and fully aware of Northern attitudes toward the South. He was anxious for me to have every chance for a successful career and cautioned me to keep my strong Southern feelings to myself, although he shared them as well.

I had a very successful career and retired at 53 to pursue my own interests, one of which was history which led me up to what I then called the Civil War. Retirement gave me the time to do in depth studies of antebellum history using original source materials, only. I read over thirty different books on the subject and many papers. I devoured Thomas D. Lorenzo’s works and many other modern authors as well. I was floored and very angered over what I learned. I realized that my understanding of the United States for my entire life had been a lie, a myth.

I learned the truth behind what had happened in the run up to the War to Prevent Southern Independence, that the South was brutally and barbarically conquered, and an attempt was made to destroy our culture during Reconstruction; an attempt that continues today. I learned that I actually live in a conquered and occupied nation held in check by the police state. I learned that the America I thought had sprung from the founders genius had in fact died in 1861, to be replaced by the American Empire.

This knowledge has forever changed me, my life and my attitude towards the United States."

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