Post-America–Is there any truth left?

By Al Benson Jr.

Years ago now, a pastor who is a friend of mine did a lecture series on American history. He ended his series with “reconstruction” in the South and took it no further. Someone once asked him why he had stopped at “reconstruction” and his answer was “because everything after “reconstruction” is post-America.” In other words, the War of Northern Aggression and the ensuing “reconstruction” spelled the end for the America given to us by the founders. It was and is no more.

What we live in today is not the country our founders gave us. It is an entirely different animal, and not one we are necessarily better off getting along with.

Since “reconstruction” our culture has been tampered with, propagandized, and, bit by bit either removed or destroyed. The government school system has played a tremendous part in this and so have a lying, deceitful “news” media as well as the politicians–always the politicians. I recently heard a sermon in which a pastor asked the question “Who trusts anyone not to lie to them anymore? Who trusts the politicians not to lie?”

Years back there used to be a joke that said “How can you tell a politician is lying?” The answer was “When his lips are moving.” Sadly that joke is not too far from the truth. In my years of observing the political scene I have seen some of the most stupendous liars in the world operate out of Washington and some of our state capitals. This country doesn’t have the corner on the market by any means, but we’ve got a pretty good chunk of the action notwithstanding.

Some political shills tell us they want us to “invest” in America. Sounds nice, warm and fuzzy. What it means in the real world is that they are going to try to find ways to raise our taxes and invade what remains of our liberties to enrich their cronies and gain more power over us. “I’m not trying to take your guns away” means, in real life, that the speaker is working twenty-four hours a day trying to find some way, any way he can, to totally gut the Second Amendment. “The Muslims hate us because of our freedoms” really means “We are looking for some way to curtail your freedoms in the name of patriotism.”

With most political figures truth is whatever can be made to fit their agenda. It is never absolute. It is never unchangeable and it can always be managed in some way so that it sounds like something other than what it really is (“I never had sex with that woman.”) By the time we get down to parsing over what the “definition of ‘is’ is” truth has long since gone out the window and most public-school educated folks have no clue.

Politicians, the media, and government school instructors get up today and peddle the most outlandish fairy tales to the American public and they soak it all up as if it was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

So what has the culture of lies been doing to this country since the end of the War of Northern Aggression and the advent of post-America? It has been destroying our culture, that’s what, day by day, bit by bit, we become less discerning, less able to separate fact from fiction. Next they will be telling us that pigs fly and we will be watching the skies to make sure we are not inundated in pig droppings!

Isaiah 59:12-15 gives us a good example of what this country has finally come to. Our transgressions are multiplied before God, and our sins condemn us. We, as a country, have lied about God and departed from His ways (abortion and evolution). We have promoted oppression and revolt against countries we have no business being involved with and we have supported regimes made up of evil men who will do the bidding of evil men in this country.

Isaiah 59:14 states it most eloquently. “And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.” Truth has, indeed, fallen in the street and justice seldom enters anymore. We have a government, no matter which party is in power, that has an agenda and it will do what it wishes regardless of what the law or the Constitution says. Do our national leaders have to prove their eligibility to hold high offices? Not if they have enough millions to pay for keeping their records hidden from the public and they have compliant quislings in government and the courts to go along with their charades.

Truth fails, and those that try to distance themselves from the corrupting evil now so prevalent make themselves targets for the politically correct and powerful (If you’re not with us you’re against us).

Pastor Steve Wilkins of Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church in Monroe, Louisiana has noted that: “Whey lying becomes a common part of life it is a mark of cultural death…Lies are the currency of Satan’s reign…Liars are idol-worshippers. Their confidence rests in the fact that God will not judge them for their lies.” Sorry, but He will, whether they believe that or not. Many of these people seem to actually think they are god–the god of the state–and that they can do what they want because no one will ever know. They’ve paid too much to keep it all hidden from the public. Yet, in spite of their efforts, the day will come when their indiscretions, political and otherwise, will be shouted from the housetops.

I wonder if it is not past time for those in our churches to begin to learn the truth about some of what has happened and to begin to hold the liars that infest many of our political offices to account. If we learn to do this, it may give some of them a chance to repent and reverse some of the evil they have done. If we don’t, then the Lord will judge them fully and without partiality and He may ask us why we did not bother to warn them to flee from the wrath to come. Something to think about.

Content ©2011 Al Benson Jr.

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