Confederate License Plate


Regarding Daniel Ruth’s article concerning the specialty license plate proposed
by the Sons of Confederate Veterans:

Daniel Ruth never fails to impress me with his historical ignorance. He is
so thoroughly brainwashed by yankee propaganda, and he has such a closed mind,
that it would be totally useless to teach him the facts of history. So I won’t
go there. However, I would hope that someone that is using his first amendment
rights of speech and press to earn a living would not deny others the free exercise
of the same rights. But not Ruth. Proving that he is not only ignorant, but
a hypocrite as well.

Nine other States have specialty license plates for the SCV. If the SCV passes
the bureaucratic requirements necessary to get the plate in Florida, then there
is no Constitutional reason to deny us, other than the desire to suppress our
rights. The money that will be raised from the sale of the plates would be used
to preserve the grave sites of Confederate soldiers and monuments dedicated
to these same soldiers. Congress passed a law long ago that says we must treat
Confederate soldiers with the same dignity as other American soldiers. Furthermore,
the money raised would also go to helping to educate the general public on the
War Between the States. I think these are noble goals. It seems to me, that
Daniel Ruth is not only an ignorant hypocrite, but also unpatriotic and opposed
to education. For shame!

Dean H. Leferink
Gen. Jubal A. Early Camp 556
Dade City, FL