More Knee-Slapping Lincoln Cult Hilarity

Posted by Thomas DiLorenzo
February 23, 2011

Writing in the Washington Post, Lincoln cultist Harold Holzer (bosom buddy of Hillary Clinton and co-author of Mario Cuomo) “defends” Lincoln against scholarship that shows that he was probably gay or bisexual by writing that Abe was “a regular customer in prairie brothels.”  I wonder what all those ministers who love quoting Lincoln and holding him up as a moral role model in church on Sundays will think of this!

“Defending” Lincoln against “charges” that he was too compassionate(!), Holzer points out that Abe reveled in ordering conscript/deserters to be shot; boasts that he ordered the “largest mass execution in American History” when 38 Santee Sioux Indians were hanged after each was given a five-minute military “trial”; and, after all, he waged “the bloodiest war in American history.”

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