Summerville neighbors fence in woman’s home, confederate flag

Feb 26, 2011

By Valencia Wicker

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) — The Summerville woman who refused to take down her confederate flag is now dealing with 8-foot fences around her home. Property owners built wooden fences on both sides of Annie Chambers Caddell’s home. Caddell says she’s shocked by what they’ve done. "I thought everything was okay," said Caddell, "I didn’t have any issues with none of my neighbors."

Several months ago, more than a hundred neighbors protested Caddell’s confederate flag. Caddell lives in the Brownsville neighborhood, a predominately black community. "I feel like I’m being walled in," said Caddell.

One of Caddell’s neighbors, who rents the property next door to her, says it’s time for her neighbors to move on. "I feel like it’s a waste of time," said Danielle, "this could be money used for better resources for the community." Moreover, Danielle says the fence is a safety hazard. "I have to actually get out of my car to see if there’s oncoming traffic before I back out," said Danielle.

Caddell put in a formal complaint to the City of Summerville. She was told there was nothing they could do.

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