School bus driver suspended for confederate flag

March 03, 2011

MEDFORD, Ore. — For many people, the confederate flag is a symbol of racism. But for school bus driver Ken Webber it’s a symbol of something else.

"It’s about fighting for state rights," Webber said. "It’s a way of life. It’s who you are. It has nothing to do with racism."

Webber works in the Phoenix-Talent school district. He was suspended from his job Wednesday for refusing to take down the confederate flag from his personal vehicle.


"I’m shocked that I’m getting suspended for having a redneck flag on my truck," he said. "There’s no reason you should have to take down something you believe in."

The company Webber works for, First Student School Bus Transportation Services, released a statement that said, "This is an internal personnel issue that is currently under investigation."

The Phoenix-Talent school district doesn’t want to comment on the issue now, but they said the flag violates a district harassment policy.

The district policy says, "Harassment includes, but is not limited to, racial, religious, national origin, age, parental, or marital status, disability and sexual harassment."

Also, the policy includes "…pictures or objects that are offensive, tend to alarm, annoy, abuse or demean certain protected individuals and groups."

But Webber is standing by his flag. He claims he has done nothing wrong.

"For those who think it has to do with racism, need to go back to school and get a history lesson," Webber said.

His next step? Taking legal action in defense of his flag.

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