Confederate cause was freedom

Friday, April 15, 2011

AKRON, Iowa – With his usual malice aforethought toward anything Southern and white, syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts ("Civil War was about slavery … nothing more," April 10) smears the cause of the Confederate States of America as the defense of a loathsome institution. The truth is that Confederate soldiers, most of whom were not slave owners, were defending their country against the Northern invasion, a theme that runs through their hundreds of thousands of letters home.

I remember reading a Pat Buchanan column years ago in which he mentioned that Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, the Union hero at Gettysburg, late in his life, said that whenever he saw the Confederate battle flag, it still recalled to him the indomitable courage of the men who fought under it.

Indomitable courage? The Southern soldier fought with valor against all odds to defend the cause of freedom, not slavery, something the race-baiting moral pygmies like Pitts can never acknowledge. – John gillis

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