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Black Confederate activist, H. K. Edgerton visited paralyzed Korean War veteran Perry Allen Thrasher in his VA  hospital room, where he presented the 75 year old veteran with a Confederate Battleflag.  In early April, Memphis VA officials forced Thrasher to take down a small Confederate Battleflag in his VA hospital room in violation of the VA Patient Bill of Rights.
"It’s disgraceful that a veteran who defended his country should be treated in this manner in a Veterans Administration Hospital where the protections of the Bill of  Rights should theoretically apply," said Edgerton, himself a Vietnam era veteran.
Members of the Memphis N. B. Forrest Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans were  present with Edgerton to wish Mr. Thrasher well and inform him that the Camp voted him a Life membership in the Sons of Confederate Veterans. "Mr. Thrasher displayed his flag to honor the memory of his Great Grandfather, Sgt. Gilbert Thrasher, Co I, 44th Alabama Infantry Regiment who died of wounds received in action at the Siege of Petersburg. We support Mr. Thrashers stand to honor his ancestor’s sacrifice." said Forrest Camp member Karl Amelang.
The Southern Legal Resource Center (SLRC) and Memphis attorney, T. Tarry Beasley II sent a letter on behalf of Thrasher to Memphis VA Hospital director Jay Robinson, requesting an explanation for their acts in violation of the Patient Bill of Rights, and a request to cite any legal authority they rely on for such a ban. The letter also requests an explanation for a recent incident where VA Police forbid the taking of family photographs in the facility.
"This type of outrageous infringement should not happen to a veteran, in America, in a federal facility," said Beasley. "When this story broke 3 weeks ago, there was widespread support and sympathy for Mr. Thrasher – the VA needs to do the right thing and let him display his flag," said Kirk D. Lyons, the SLRC’s Chief Trial Counsel. Thrasher has received dozens of cards and small Confederate flags from well-wishers across the country," Lyons added.
The Southern Legal Resource Center is a non-profit public law firm that advocates on behalf of the Confederate community.
NOTE: After this press release was prepared, SLRC staff were informed Mr. Thrasher’s visitors and family members were threatened and harassed by VA hospital police, seizing their cameras and removing photographs, pursuant to a "VA policy" they cited but would not produce when requested.
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