SC Confederate holiday not sitting well with some

by Fraendy Clervaud

COLUMBIA (WACH) — Marion Hutson is spending his Tuesday at the Statehouse dressed in confederate attire.

He’s a member of the South Carolina Sons of Confederate Veterans.

He says he wants to recognize confederate soldiers for their sacrifice during the Civil War even if he’s looked down upon.

“I don’t think they understand the true history of the south or the true history of the flag," says Marion Hutson, Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Tuesday was the official Confederate Memorial Day in South Carolina.

Flags were placed on the graves of some confederates across the state.

Hutson says folks in the south need to know their true history.

"State rights, slavery was an issue but not the big issue. The southern states were being over taxed on its products and goods that was the real reason for the war," says Hutson.

Others we talked to say there should not be a holiday for the confederacy.

"Personally I see no reason to have it. The war ended in 1865 the south lost its time to move on," says Michael Waddell.

"Well I think its a bittersweet time," says Doris Cheek.

Hutson says this observance helps to dispel myths about the Civil War.

For some waving the flag doesn’t symbolize freedom.

"I think the flag represents hatred. I do not think it has anything to do with heritage," says Waddell.

"I would never hang on in my house but I wouldn’t want to make someone take theirs down," says Cheek.

As for Hutson he says this holiday should remain on the books in the Palmetto State.

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