Community ponders whether to replace a Confederate statue

Written by David Horn  
Tuesday, 24 May 2011

(REIDSVILLE) —  The buzz around the Rockingham County town of Reidsville is whether to replace the city’s Confederate soldier statue.  The statue was seriously damaged early Monday morning when a driver fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into it, toppling the century-old landmark.

Mark Childrey with community television station WGSR said there are mixed feelings. "I think there’s a segment of people that would like to see the monument restored exactly where it is right now and then, of course, there’s this segment that would like to see it gone all together," said Childrey.

The Reidsville City Council apparently wants to hear from the public about their feelings on the issue.  Some residents are saying the monument is a reminder of a divisive war that should be forgotten, but others are citing history as a reason for having it restored or another likeness sculpted.

Cost may be a determining factor.  Some estimates are in the tens of thousands of dollars with some as high as ten times that.

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