That Mississippi State Flag Really Gives The Liberals Fits

Saturday, May 28, 2011
That Mississippi State Flag Really Gives The Liberals Fits

by Al Benson Jr.

Ten years ago now, after being subjected to a massive liberal disinformation campaign, aided and abetted by spineless Mississippi politicians, the good people of Mississippi voted to keep their current state flag, Confederate symbol and all, by a whopping two-thirds to one third vote. They sent a resounding message to all the politically correct busybodies across the country–don’t mess with our state flag, we like it fine just like it is.

Needless to say, with a vote like that, the liberals and leftists nationwide engaged in much "weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth." How dare their wonderful multi-cultural agenda for unenlightened Mississippi be resisted by the people who lived there! Who did they think they were, resisting what the liberals and other cultural Marxists clearly knew was best for them? The ungrateful wretches!

However, liberals, cultural Marxists and their ilk being what they are (meddlers) they just have not been able to let this issue alone. A couple or three years ago, if I remember correctly, they tried again, with some sort of "discussion groups" to get people interested in another flag. That didn’t seem to go anywhere, so now they are back for yet one more go-round.

Just recently there was a fuss over the state flag in Natchez, at the police department. Someone asked the police chief if it was alright to fly the state flag and the police department. The police chief complied. Why not? It is, after all the state flag, even if the liberals are offended by it (poor babies). Then, lo and behold, someone came along and complained to the mayor, who ten ordered the police department to take the flag down until "the city could discuss the matter more carefully." That’s political talk for tucking tail and running.

The man that wrote the editorial from the "Natchez Democrat" that I read, although he claims the flag doesn’t bother him, is nonetheless subtly trying to push for a new flag design. So here we go again! In his article he wrote: "Rationally, it makes sense to find a flag that all Mississippi citizens can support and rally around." Sounds nice, but it will never happen. No matter what flag design you come up with, somebody won’t like it. Someone will be dissatisfied and complain.

In his article the writer continues: "If, as the 2001 vote indicates, more than one-third of the state voters don’t support the existing flag, we should seek to find a more universally supported symbol." Translation: The liberals don’t like the current flag with its Confederate symbol so it has to go. They tried once and couldn’t get rid of it so it’s now time to try to bamboozle the public again to see if they can do away with it. After all, it’s been ten years, so who’ll remember all the disinformation we spread around back then? Time to spread it on thick again!

It seems to pain the editorialist greatly that the one-third of the people that didn’t vote for the flag should be subjected to having to see it fly in their state. What about the two-thirds that voted to keep it? Should they be subjected to a new flag they clearly don’t want just to keep the one-third from griping and moaning? It would seem so.

When it comes to Confederate symbols the liberal and leftist minority is always more important than the conservative majority, because the liberal minority are the politically correct ones, while the conservative majority, who mostly just want to be left alone to live their lives, and supposedly too dumb to know what’s good for them.

So to the good folks in Mississippi–get ready, because they are probably going to have another go at taking the state flag you want to keep away–and you can bet the farm that your gutless politicians won’t help you unless you really hold their feet to the fire.

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