Everyone’s heritage should be respected

February 15. 2007

Thank you to the Sons of the Confederacy for representing both our state’s history
as well as my ancestors’. With so many other specialty tags out there, it is about
time that someone took the initiative to do this.

There is so much more to the Confederate States of America’s history that is
largely forgotten, ignored, or misrepresented by today’s scholars and historians.
The first iron-clad battleship, military submarine, and many other noble and
history changing ideas can be attributed to the CSA. Many local families of
multiple races can trace their roots back to the ancestors that fought on both
sides of the American Civil War.

Proceeds from the sale of this tag would go to preservation of the graves of
those who fought in the Civil War, historic places, and such that will help
preserve our American history and heritage.

Today’s society wants to preach respect for the thoughts and beliefs of all
and that you should not disrespect the few for the good of the many. Where is
the holier-than-thou ACLU? I am an American and deserve my civil liberties.

I am offended that there are those in this country who refuse to allow me to
celebrate my history, culture, and heritage. For those of you who have the same
feelings as I do, you need to make your voice heard before it is too late. This
goes way beyond the idea of a car tag; it is time the silent majority speaks
before we are silenced forever.

Ray Jordan,


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