Memphis hospital takes Confederate flag away from 92 year old Korean War Veteran

Here are some more details:

On behalf of an elderly, dying veteran, Asheville Southern heritage activist H.K. Edgerton on April 27 challenged officials at a Veterans Administration hospital in downtown Memphis, Tenn., for confiscating — illegally, he claims — a tiny tabletop Confederate battle flag on a stick and stand next to his bed.

Edgerton noted that he was unsuccessful in helping the patient keep his miniature flag because three security guards were called in as he was questioning — at length — a hospital official and nurse about the policies. Eventually, the two hospital employees walked away, leaving them with the security guards and the patient — and no Confederate flag.

In the aftermath, Edgerton noted that attorney Kirk D. Lyons is “in the process of filing a lawsuit against the hospital,” Edgerton told The Tribune in a telephone interview on Tuesday.

The patient, Sgt. William Thrasher, 92, is a Korean War veteran who is receiving care in the VA’s spinal unit, Edgerton noted.

This is a very interesting story that has several intriguing aspects to it, not the least of which is the participation of H.K. Edgerton, who we are personally familiar with. You may be surprised to hear our take on his involvement.

I can’t tell you more than that at this time, but will tell you that we have some inside information.

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