Confederate Flag bikini sparks argument, gun pulled out, police say

Submitted by Chris Dyches
Tuesday, May 31st
ROCK HILL – A Rock Hill man says someone threatened him with a gun over the weekend after a dispute broke out involving a woman wearing a confederate flag bikini, police say.

According to a report filed with the Rock Hill Police Department, 20-year-old Christopher Gainey reported the incident to police on Sunday around 7 p.m.

Gainey told police he was with friends at a pool party at 1807 Paces Rivera Avenue when a group of black teenage males approached.

Gainey told officers the men began calling the group in the pool "racists because a female in his group had a bikini depicting a ‘stars and bars rebel flag.’"

The report states the men surrounded Gainey "causing him to stand up believing that they were about to fight him."  One of the men in the group allegedly pulled out a weapon described in the report as a "very small semi-automatic pistol." Gainey told officers the man pointed at Gainey in an apparent attempt to intimidate him.

Gainey described the man as a black male between 5’7" – 5’10" tall, approximately 19 years old, wearing red shorts with a short hair cut. The man also had three letters tattooed on his chest.

The report says the suspects ran from the pool when they realized police had been called.

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