Confederate Statue’s Future Uncertain In Reidsville

Jun 8, 2011

Reidsville, NC — People in one part of the Triad expressed their emotions over a war that ended nearly a century and a half ago.

It’s all because someone crashed into a Confederate soldier monument.

The crash left the statue in pieces and the town arguing.

The tire tracks lead to the damage to the monument’s base from last month, and it opened the debate as to what should return here.

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That debate started Wednesday outside where the monument once stood in the center of the intersection between Scales and Morehead Street.

"This monument here is dedicated to veterans," said Southern Heritage Activist, Jamie Funkhouser. "It is not dedicated to a flag that some hate groups have misused. It is not dedicated to a country. It is dedicated to a Confederate soldier. It is dedicated to men who gave their all."

"If they don’t let go of their past, I can’t let go of mine," argued Community Activist, Walter King. Kind wants to see something else go in the monument’s place. "And we’re going to stay in the same place and we’ll never learn nothing from it."

The debate continued inside City Hall with a comment period during the city council meeting.

Council did not make a decision about the statue’s future.

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