Records Show Confederate Monument Still On Public Property

Check of conveyance records show no property transfer

The Caddo Parish Police Jury voted more than 100 years ago to donate a small plot of land outside the parish courthouse for a Confederate monument. But the property transfer never actually took place and the plot remains public property, checks of property transfer records show.

The monument, which features four Confederate generals and a Confederate flag, is the subject of debate over whether it’s there to honor Southern heritage or is an enduring symbol of racism.

The Caddo Police Jury in 1902 voted to donate a plot in front of the courthouse to the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

However, no records in the Caddo clerk of court’s office nor the tax assessor’s office have been found that show the conveyance ever happened.

The Caddo Commission, the successor to the police jury, knows about the situation and hired a title company to look into the matter. It, too, found no records of a property transfer.

The local chapter of the NAACP, which wants the monument moved to private property, said it is trying to get the commission to move it.

The commission has jurisdiction but the monument is not on the its agenda.

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