More evidence of the ongoing culture war against Southerners

18 July 2011

More evidence of the ongoing culture war against Southerners

Another Heritage Attack

It appears that Southerners who value their heritage, history, heroes and symbols have, for all intents and purposes, lost their rights under the Constitution. They cannot carry on a private conversation if it is about (gasp) the South or the Confederacy because if it is overheard – especially by a favored group – then the culprit must answer for his waywardness perhaps with the loss of his position and in an economy like this, that is not something to take lightly.

Below is a report from the Southern Legal Resource Center about a man having a private conversation with another man about joining the SCV (miserable wretch!). The conversation was overheard by a black co-worker and the results were easily predictable. To DAMNED predictable! I cannot imagine that our country has become so tyrannical that citizens cannot carry on private conversations without being castigated by people who have no business at all listening much less responding! The present Flag Ordinance of Lexington is just one more example of the assault on our freedom which would never be permitted were it any other "minority" involved.

From the Southern Legal Resource Center:

North Carolina Town attempts to dodge legal action for firing employee with SCV logo on his vehicle.

Forest City, NC—According to reports, the town of Forest city, North Carolina, is claiming immunity from a possible civil rights action by an employee who was fired for having a Sons of Confederate Veterans sticker on his car and for discussing an SCV meeting in a private conversation that another employee overheard. (Notice that the town is not arguing the facts of the case but is trying to use a technicality to be able to deny Mr. Lewis his most basic civil rights-vhp)

Robert Lewis of Ellenboro worked for the Forest City Housing authority as a carpenter on a crew involved in constructing low-income housing. He was in the process of joining SCV Rutherford Rifles Camp #2044 and was telling a co-worker about a recent meeting he had attended when his conversation was overheard and interrupted by the work crew’s only black member, who began denouncing both Lewis and the SCV s “racists.” This employee also reported Lewis’ conversation to the head of the Housing Authority, who called him into her office and, according to Lewis, told him not to mention the South, Southern issues, and especially anything related to the Confederacy, in the workplace again, nor to use his office computer to look up any such subject matter. (And this violates HOW many constitutional guarantees of an American citizen?-vhp)

After he was admitted to the SCV camp, Lewis placed two small SCV logos on his vehicle. A week later his immediate superior (not the Housing Authority Director), without warning handed Lewis a final paycheck and a check for his vacation pay and told him he was terminated. (You could not so easily terminate the black complainant if he showed up to work drunk or not at all; he’s protected by something Mr. Lewis lacks: a certain color skin pigmentation.-vhp)

Now the town’s position is that the Housing Department is immune from civil rights legal action because the Housing Authority, for which Lewis worked, employs fewer than 15 persons, the minimum number to qualify for a civil rights action to be brought against it. That won’t wash, however, said SLRC Chief Trial Counsel Kirk Lyons.

“We have already established that the Housing Authority is not a separate entity; that it is an integral department of Forest City government. The city, of course, employs many more than 15 people,” Lyons said. (Again, notice that the Housing Department does not deny Lewis’ charges, only that it isn’t large enough to be held accountable.-vph)

At the time he was discharged, Lewis filed a complaint with the Equal Employee Opportunity Commission ; however, the EEOC dropped its investigation, apparently in large part due to the city’s not-enough-employees position. (Or any other excuse it could find to support the complainant who had no right to even bring the subject up with Lewis, the matter being personal and not work-related and he not being a part of the conversation. vhp)

“We are not surprised,” Lyons said. “Over the years we have seen that the EEOC maintains an inherent hostility towards the Confederate community. They’re running true to form.” Lewis also has a valid First Amendment claim, Lyons added. (This is the sort of bold-faced attacks on our liberties that will only become bolder if those who are supposed to be protecting our rights continue to toe the "politically correct" line. No one and nothing is safe.-vhp)


Originally in Southern War Rooms Forum, via Southern Heritage News and Views.

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