Sons of Confederate Veterans plans rally to protest Lexington’s flag proposal

By: Lindsey Ward
July 27, 2011

LEXINGTON, VA — An update to the battle over confederate flags in Lexington.

Back in January, the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) put up the flags on Lee Jackson Day after Lexington City Council gave the group permission to.

Mayor Mimi Elrod says after years of talking about a need for flag and banner regulation, the city recently proposed changing its ordinance to only allow a U.S., Virginia, or Lexington flag on its downtown poles.

“I would be less than honest if I didn’t say that that prompted us to think, well we’ve been talking about this a long time, let’s go on and try to do something about it,” explained Elrod.

When Brandon Dorsey, Camp Commander of the Lexington SCV chapter, got wind of the possible change, he says he proposed a compromise to the city.  Dorsey would leave one confederate flag out, and put up two others that are less recognizable.

That way he says there are no possible hard feelings.  But the city said no.

“I’ve been getting calls from a lot of people that would like to have this thing settled, rather than having absolute prohibition.  Some kind of compromise in between,” Dorsey said.

Dorsey argues if city council can agree on specific regulations to banners, like size and lettering, why not the same for flags.

“I think banners and flags are two different things,” Elrod said.

It’s a war over battle flags, Dorsey says, is worth fighting to "keep history alive."

The Sons of Confederate Veterans is planning a rally for September 1st, the same day as the public hearing, and possible city council vote on the issue.

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