Reidsville Confederate Monument Will Not Return to Location

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August 10, 2011

The city of Reidsville has decided that the confederate monument that was damaged in May will not return to its location, according to

The statue was determined to be owned by the United Daughter’s of the Confederacy, which have reportedly agreed to not return it to its location on Scales Street.

The city reportedly assumed the statue was a gift, but records determined it was owned by the UDC.

"While we much prefer the monument to remain in the location it has occupied for the past 100 years, we do not wish to be a factor in any unpleasantness that may occur if the statue is allowed to remain in its present location," said City Manager Michael Pearce.

The monument has stood on the traffic circle at the intersection of Scales Street and West Morehead Street since 1910.

A vehicle driven by Mark Anthony Vincent, 40, of Greensboro, plowed into the statue’s base when it drove over the traffic circle’s curb May 23.

He was reportedly asleep while driving. The monument received an estimated $28,000 in damage. reported that the statue cannot be repaired, according to curators hired by the North Carolina UDC.

The NCUDC and the city are reportedly working to find a location for the statue’s remains. The Confederate area of the city-owned Greenview Cemetery or in a museum are possibilities, the website reported.

City officials are considering putting something else in its Scales Street location.

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