Civil Rights activist supports flying Confederate flag in Lexington

By: Lindsey Ward
Published: August 31, 2011


Thursday morning you’ll find H.K. Edgerton marching, wearing his Dixie Outfitters shirt and hat, with a confederate flag in hand.

The Civil Rights activist is on his way to Lexington to support the Son’s of Confederate Veterans, and the fight to fly Confederate flags on city poles.

“What is it that you people keep trying to make our flag out to be, this evil thing, this evil symbol, this evil presence,” Edgerton said.

The former Asheville, North Carolina NAACP president argues the flag is a symbol of the south and Christianity, not hatred.  And its meaning was "hijacked" through out history.

This isn’t the first time Edgerton has marched in support.  Several years back he marched in South Carolina to keep the flag at the state’s capital, but he describes Lexington as the Alamo and most sacred city in the south.

“In Lexington, Virginia out of all the battles that have taken place around this flag, Lexington, Virginia at this point in time in history, is the most important place on God’s Earth in America right now, for (those of) us who call ourselves southern," Edgerton stressed.

The advocate will be the keynote speaker for the “Save our Flags” rally Thursday, and will address Lexington City Council Thursday night.

We asked what he’s going to say to leaders.

“I want them to do something that is good for America,” Edgerton replied.

Whether you agree or disagree with his message, he’s willing to explain it to just about anyone willing to listen.

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