Poll ranks SC 10th worst state, racism a big factor

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COLUMBIA (WACH, WPDE) — In a recent poll conducted by the website Gawker, South Carolina ranked as the 10th worst state in the nation.

Employees were asked to rank all the states from best to worst, based on their own criteria.

South Carolina is called "just really, really racist."


The website points to articles covering the Confederate flag issue, hate crimes, homophobia and hypocrisy in South Carolina.

The post also says, "The Palmetto State is a scary place. It lures you in with its beachy beauty and Southern charm, and then it says horrible things to you and you want to leave forever."

South Carolina came in just behind Nevada and Oklahoma.  Arizona was picked as the worst state in the U.S.

To read the article and to see all of the rankings, click here.

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