Activist speaks out on behalf of Confederate monument

By: Danielle Battaglia
October 09, 2011

An Asheville-based Confederate activist came to Reidsville on Thursday to speak about the Reidsville Confederate Monument and his feelings on what the Civil War was really about.

Activist H. K. Edgerton, who is African-American, said the Reidsville Confederate Monument has been on his mind a lot and he decided to come to the city and speak out about what he believes should be done about the 101-year-old monument, which was toppled May 23 in a traffic accident.

Edgerton said wherever there is an attack over a Confederate memorial, you will find him protesting.

He also said he came to educate the community on what he believes is the truth behind the Civil War and why it is not a matter of racism.

The Historical Political Action Committee (HPAC) supported Edgerton’s presence in Reidsville and worked diligently to get the information out to the community of Edgerton’s arrival.

Edgerton was joined in the circle by six other men and women, dressed as Confederates, to let city leaders know many residents of Reidsville and North Carolina want the monument back.

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