What Do You Apologise For Next?

The Virginia Legislature “Apologises” For Slavery
by Al Benson Jr.

Well, the legislature of the state of Virginia has now officially "apologised"
for slavery–a slavery they had nothing to do with. And who have they apologised
to–others who were never enslaved to begin with? So what they have done is to
apologise for something they never did to folks that have never suffered from
what they never did. Sounds like an exercise in futility to me. You might as well
apologise because the craters on the moon don’t look they way you would like them
to through a telescope–and so you "apologise" for how ugly they are.
One makes about as much sense as the other.

A writer to a Fredericksburg, Virginia newspaper wrote: "I am amazed at
the constant need of individuals and groups to demand an apology for the institution
of slavery, which ended 141 years ago." Noting that former slaveowners
and slaves are long since deceased, he asked, and rightly so, "who is left
to apologise to?" Good question. Who indeed?

But understanding the mindset of the political and religious Left today, (these
are usually the people that demand such apologies) we need to ask, not only
ourselves but others, exactly what is the real reason for all this apologising?
What does it accomplish? Actually it is little more than another slick form
of guilt manipulation as practised by the Leftists.

If you don’t understand history, and most of Virginia’s legislators probably
don’t, then the Leftists can manipulate you and make you feel guilty for all
manner of things they’ve convinced you that you did or are wrong about. And
if, like most legislators in most states today, you don’t stand for anything
except your own re-election, then you will be tempted to fall for most anything
you think will give you another voting bloc to depend on. So, if you really
want to black vote, why then just grovel a little–bend the knee to the so-called
black "leadership" in this country today and that might help you–so
you think! Actually, if you are that willing to apologise for something you
never took part in, those people have nothing but contempt for you, and you
won’t buy their good will (of which they really have none) or their votes.

But the Leftists want you to feel guilty, about being Christian, about being
white, about being Southern and defending your history and heritage–and so
they shove this big bowl of apology mush in your face and watch you choke trying
to swallow it.

Don’t kid yourself that it will stop with the slavery issue. It will go on
and on. Pretty soon you will be asked to apoligise for the fact that Robert
E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson were born within the borders of Virginia, or some
other such foolishness. Once they’ve got you on the apology skid, they don’t
plan to let you off. And, down the road somewhere, will magically appear the
siren song of reparations. You can then atone for your "guilt" by
paying and paying, and paying. And if it ever gets that far, you can bet the
black "leadership" will pocket most of what you shovel out. Wait and
see if this doesn’t end up being the name of the game at some point. It may
not happen tomorrow, but keep your eyes open.

I wonder what would have happened if the Virginia legislature had had the courage
to stand up and refused to pass this little bit of iniquity. We can only surmise
because such didn’t happen, did it?

Copyright © 2006-2007 Al Benson, Jr.

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