Alabama attorney general ‘troubled’ by feds

Friday, November 4, 2011

Finally – an officer of a sovereign State with backbone! Southerners and lovers of liberty everywhere have a new champion, and his name is Luther Strange:

Alabama’s Attorney General said Wednesday he was “perplexed and troubled” by a federal government request to provide information on local school children to the Justice Department for the purpose of ensuring that illegal immigrants are not being denied access to schools.

The Justice Department issued a letter on Tuesday requesting data from all of Alabama’s school districts, saying it wanted to ensure compliance with a federal law that prevents children from being denied equal access to schools based on immigration status. To that end, Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez requested information on student withdrawals in 2010-2011, race, national origin and immigration status.

But in a biting response on Wednesday, Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange asked the Justice Department to show where it had the authority to “demand the information or compel its production…otherwise, I will assume you have none, and will proceed accordingly,” according to the Montgomery Advertiser.

This leads to all sorts of interesting possibilities, including the reopening of many constitutional issues. Where in the Constitution does the central government claim the authority to question how a sovereign State runs its schools? And when the central government clearly fails in an area where it does have the authority delegated to it, such as protecting us from illegal alien invaders, how can it object when a State is forced to do that job?

These debates can only help us. Bring it on!

So here’s a toast to you, Mr. Strange:

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