Secession is not unique to America!

Scotland is moving rapidly towards a referendum to leave the United Kingdom! William Wallace must be smiling…
by Mark Vogl
Tuesday, February 7, 2012

One of my earlier articles was critical of the American news media, both the mainstream and the conservative talk shows, for their complete lack of reporting stories occurring around the world which have real meaning for America and our future.  Here’s an example of what I am referring to.

Scotland is considering secession from the United Kingdom!  And, surprisingly, the English Parliament appears to have to take this course seriously!  For any Scot, anywhere in the world, this is a spirit lifter!  This is liberty!  To be free from the occupiers, the English at last, would be something so marvelous, something so unexpected, and something so revolutionary that it could change the course of an entire world which seems to be in the midst of a one world one government!

The movie Braveheart, done by Mel Gibson, made most of America aware of the tragedy of Scotland.  A people separate, a nation on the northern border of England, the Scots have been occupied for more than a thousand years.  Like the American South, Scotland has always been its own nation.  The Scot – Irish (Celts) were the settlers of the South, and it could be that this ancestral hatred of England and its tyranny had much to do with the secession movement which swept Dixie in 1860.

Well, it seems the people of Scotland, through the election of a Prime Minister who ran on a pledge to offer a referendum for Scot independence, may not get a chance to voice their will.  Though this referendum would be held in Scotland, the powers that be in the U.K. are attempting to take control of the process.  Almost half English people oppose Scot independence.

If the process continues, and there is a referendum, many pundits in England can’t believe the Scots would vote to secede given the UK government spending in Scotland.  “The first question an Englishman or woman confronts on travelling through the fiscal looking glass to Scotland is: "How on earth can they afford all this?"”

The answer to that question could be two fold. First, all the British nuclear weapons are located in Scotland.  Now, if the Scots were/are aware of the massive political battle on Long Island, New York ( circa 1980 – 1994 ) around a proposed Shoreham Nuclear plant, and the billion dollar bail out required around that fiasco, they might have realized they had a trump card in British nuke politics.

The second answer as to why so much UK money is invested in Scotland has to do with energy.  Scotland is the home of England’s oil reserves! So, Scotland is the beneficiary of UK largesse.

Is liberty, freedom from the bloody English worth losing their pounds?  I pray, as a descendant of Scot and Irish blood that it is.

Secession in the UK, peaceful, legal departure from an occupier and oppressor, could that set a new standard of liberty for America to emulate?  Could the separate states then demand the restoration of their original right, as the founders of the union, to the right of secession as articulated in the separate state resolutions which formed the united States of America in the 1790’s?

And just as importantly, how come American news no longer tells us of stories of this magnitude?  On November 11th, 2010 I wrote an article asking why does American news, including conservative talk shows waste their time reporting on trivia or novelty stories instead of reporting real and meaningful news?  Why are we blind and deaf to what is occurring around the world?

Answer, censorship by the ruling elite of the world, the owners of the news outlets. Control information, and you control people.  I have written about this also.

The potential for the world is immeasurable, the chaos also.  Change, because of technology, because the pressure of unresolved wrongs is inevitable.  But who will guide the change?  Will it be a self-appointed elite?  Will it be those who went to Harvard and Cambridge? Will it be the select few, who by accident or Divine plan soar to immense wealth?  Will the people have any say?  Scotland is that important.  Yet, is it in the news?

©2012 Mark Vogl

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