Rebel Runs Against Mike Fair

February 14, 2012

Chris Sullivan – a veteran political consultant and the former editor a pro-Confederate magazine – will seek the South Carolina Senate seat currently held by fiscal liberal Mike Fair (RINO-Greenville).

Sullivan will kick off his campaign next Monday at a barbecue at Tommy’s Ham House in Greenville, S.C.

What are Sullivan’s views on the pressing issues of the day (you know … as opposed to the pressing issues of 1861, which he addressed extensively during his career as editor of Southern Partisan)?

Well, here’s his issues page … although we skimmed it and found very little in the way of specific policy. And while that doesn’t necessarily disqualify Sullivan in our eyes, it does present us with an opportunity to make an important point regarding the upcoming “Republican” primary elections.

As we’ve noted previously, there are at least a dozen “Republican in Name Only” State Senators who consistently vote with Democrats to grow government while preserving our dysfunctional public school system and anti-competitive tax code.

Of those dozen or so “Republican in Name Only” State Senators, Fair is unquestionably one of the worst … as numerous legislative scorecards have proven. And while we have no doubt that Sullivan would be a preferable choice on fiscal matters, then again so would anyone with a pulse.

Which brings us to our point: We can’t afford to replace RINOs with … well, RINOs. And while we’re not accusing Sullivan of being a RINO, his lack of specificity regarding which reforms he would support (and which ones he wouldn’t) is troubling. Now more than ever, South Carolina needs challengers (especially in Fair’s district) who are willing to commit to the specific reforms that are required if this state ever hopes to turn things around.

Which specific reforms are we talking about?

Well these … for starters.

We grilled Sullivan about whether or not he’s on board with parental choice, for example, and here’s what he said:

I am for free enterprise wherever possible. Clearly, the government school monopoly has failed miserably. The solution is a system that allows parents to have the definitive voice in every detail of their children’s education. Distant bureaucrats are the last group that should have a say in any child’s education. It is a shame that between the bloated bureaucracy in Columbia.

We also asked him about whether he would support individual income tax relief (which S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley championed as a House member but then abandoned as the GOP gubernatorial nominee). Here’s what he had to say about that:

I’m for as much tax reform as we can get. If Florida and (Tennessee) can live without an income tax why can’t we?

Finally, we asked Sullivan whether he would back a “spending cap tied to population growth that includes a taxpayer rebate fund.” Here’s his response:

I fully support a spending cap as essential to control the growth of goverment and using excess funds for tax relief.

Those are decent answers – especially the last one – although once again Sullivan leaves himself plenty of wiggle room to accommodate the powers-that-be in Columbia (many of whom he’s had a hand in electing).

And we all know about politicians and wiggle room …

Our hope is that the 2012 filing period in South Carolina will result in numerous “Republican” incumbents facing legitimate primary challengers. We also hope that each one of these challengers commits to specific policy as opposed to rhetorical fluff.

Policy like …

1) Individual Income Tax Relief
2) Universal Parental Choice
3) A Cap on Government Growth (With Surplus Money Rebated To Taxpayers)
4) Comprehensive Government Restructuring
5) Incentives accountability and transparency

We’re more committed than ever to defeating status quo politicians at the S.C. State House. That’s why we spend every day exposing these bastards for the frauds they are.

It’s just critical that we replace these RINOs with true free market conservatives as opposed to slightly less offensive versions of the incumbents.

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