Kevin Levin vs. Ed Sebesta

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kevin Levin vs. Ed Sebesta

They’re at it again! It’s the ongoing grudge match between Kevin Levin’s League of the Anti-South and Ed Sebesta, the Anti-Southern Pseudo-Intellectual. Both sides hate the same thing, but disagree on details. Imagine a faculty senate brawl moderated by Jerry Springer.

In a post entitled, "Has Edward Sebesta Ever Visited The Museum of the Confederacy?" Kevin Levin questions Ed Sebesta’s latest condemnation of the MOC. Per Levin, "This most recent entry displays the same shoddy analysis and research that can be found in the other parts."

But "shoddy analysis and research" is what Ed Sebesta does. Why obsess about this particular piece? Here’s a selection from Sebesta’s latest opus – it’s typical Sebesta boilerplate:

[T]he Museum of the Confederacy has provided a home for neo-Confederates like Ludwell Johnson and worked with neo-Confederate organizations; Part II explained that the MOC obscures the issue of slavery in its hagiographic portrayals of Confederate leaders. These activities, however, support what can be considered the primary function of the Museum: to create and reproduce Confederate national identity.

Wow. Just wow. You have to understand that Sebesta sees neo-Confederates lurking everywhere. (Think I’m kidding? He once accused Bill Clinton of promoting "neo-Confederacy.") However, I found this observation from Levin interesting:

Once again, Sebesta makes no effort to talk to Waite Rawls or John Coski about why their flag preservation program is important and how it is used to tell the MOC’s story to the general public. He makes no attempt to talk with museum officials about their mission and the unique challenges they face in the former capital of the Confederacy.

But Sebesta never talks to anybody he attacks. He JUST KNOWS the evil that lurks in their hearts. Sebesta fancies himself some kind of crusader dedicated to ending the Reign of Terror perpetrated by the United Daughters of the Confederacy and other "neo-Confederates." So in his mind, any kind words about Southern heroes are actually part of a plot to bring back slavery.

Break out the popcorn!

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