How Southerners Were Taught To Murder for the State

Thomas DiLorenzo
March 14, 2012

Alabama and Mississippi have been added to South Carolina on the list of southern states that overwhelmingly supported warmongering neocons over the only Jeffersonian, states’ rights, constitutionalist, just war candidate in the GOP field, Ron Paul. Much of this support is credited to politically-active "evangelicals" who tend to be some of the most bloodthirsty people anywhere. Indeed, they booed Ron Paul at one of their big conventions four years ago when he reminded them that Jesus is known as the Prince of Peace. They booed him in South Carolina this year when he suggested that the Biblical Golden Rule should be considered as a guideline of foreign policy.

Some commentators have said that the victories of Rick Chickenhawk Santorum in Alabama and Mississippi are due to the large number of his fellow bloodthirsty "evangelicals" there, but I think there’s a little more to it. Southerners were demonized during the Civil War and the demonization has never stopped. The Mother of All Guilt Trips was placed on them by the state and all of its functionaries for generations. This led Southerners to attempt to "prove" their loyalty to the state by sending generations of their children off to fight in the state’s wars of aggression in geographically disproportionate numbers. We have gone from Southerners being the only group in American history to seriously challenge the "supremacy" of Washington, D.C. over everyone’s lives, to a culture that gleefully panders and grovels to its imperial rulers in Washington by sacrificing its children by the thousands in the state’s wars. It began with the Spanish-American War in which some actual Confederate veterans participated.

Most Southerners will continue to support the neocon agenda of endless unjust war that has nothing to do with national defense because to do otherwise would be to admit that, for generations, they have willingly sacrificed the lives of their children for no other reason than to kiss the asses of the politicians in Washington.

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