Wade Hampton: A man for our times

March 20, 2012
By Michael

If ever there was a man to inspire our generation and serve as a role-model to beleaguered Southerners it was Wade Hampton. While he was a great cavalry general in the War and devoted practically all of his vast fortune to the Southern cause, he was most beloved and remembered for leading the conquered people of South Carolina against the occupational Carpetbagger/Republican in Columbia and restoring Southern rule to the Palmetto State. In a very real way General Hampton restored civilisation to a State that appeared to be on the verge of going the way of Haiti. That was a distinct possibility in the 1870s. The people of South Carolina suffered more greatly than perhaps those of any other Southern State. Most of the major cities, towns and plantations in the State were looted and burned much as the Vandals of old sacked Rome. Perhaps a quarter of the men of the State, and certainly most of the best and brightest, were killed by the United States in the War. Southerners in South Carolina were largely dis-armed and deprived of their right to vote or hold office. An occupational government made up of Yankee soldiers, carpetbaggers, scalawags and reliable former slaves ruled the State. What had been one of the most prosperous places on all of Earth was reduced to near Third World conditions by the US forces. In the face of utter defeat, outside-imposed poverty and a military occupation Wade Hampton rallied Southerners in South Carolina against the US-controlled government in Columbia. This is exactly what we need today. Wade Hampton should be the role-model for a new generation of Red Shirts. Half-hearted measures and weak-kneed attempts at persuading our enemies that we are really good people are for naught. Despite losing a war to the Yankees in the 1860s Southerners did not lose the South. We won the peace and restored Southern rule. Monuments to the Confederacy were erected in nearly every town across Dixie. Books (and later films) like ‘Gone With the Wind’ convinced generations long removed from the War that the Southern cause was just. We won the intellectual debate and even large numbers of Northerners came to respect the South as a distinct place with a distinct people and culture who had fought bravely for their right of self-determination. Yet all this was lost in the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s. A generation without the resolve to hold onto what had been won at so high a cost by men such as Hampton has ruined the South. Retreat has followed retreat. The identity of our people is in shambles. Our schools are institutions which promote shame and spread lies about the South. Aliens populate our cities and towns and dominate our politics in many instances. Outsiders dictate policies to us which are accepted without resistance. Our monuments, flags and other symbols are being removed and replaced by those that are hostile to our identity and culture. Political-correctness has sadly even crept into pro-Southern organisations and destroyed their effectiveness. In empty and defeatist slogans like ‘heritage not hate’ we smell the stench of defeat. Surely today we could use a new generation of Red Shirts – Southerners who will throw off the White guilt, political-correctness and defeatism of the previous generation and re-take the South from the quislings and aliens who rule over us. Wade Hampton is a man for our times.

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