By Greg Evensen
April 1, 2012

The war of northern aggression began forming in the 1840’s as the government even then, moved further and further away from a constitutional republic. Vitriolic debate about growing, indifferent central taxation coursed through the halls of Congress in the 1850’s. Dire threats were taking shape by 1858, and there was no turning back by 1860. For those who understand our Republic and the efforts to sustain freedom, in spite of all out war waged upon it then and since the end of the last internal struggle, the federal economic/banking/political/internationalist/police state has had but one goal. That is, the internal destruction of the sovereign states and the imposition of a socialist government tyranny under the ongoing protection of the federal court system and the threat of military intervention to achieve the final dark victory against the American people.

Mirroring the run up time frame to our first “civil war” (regardless of your position) the past 100 years at a minimum, have witnessed the attainment of expansionist socialist government benchmarks in every area of public life. As a result, we are now hovering at the doorstep of open warfare with government and virtually all government agencies.

I am convinced that “evolution” does exist, only not in the theory that you would expect. The fact is that government in general has evolved from a modest and necessary central coordinating point between the outside world and the state governments into a world crushing behemoth that knows no bounds, nor restraint, except in its devouring of more rights, freedoms, money, resources and common sense with every move it makes. Being the ravenous beast it has become, there is no apparent way to slow or stop it, short of its destruction. Those who have raised and fed the beast simply shove more “food” its way with an outcome predictable and fatal to those living with it.

Home and church schooling has evolved into values killing public education. Rational, theoretical universities have become radical beds of dark indoctrination that have mutated into world governance training centers led by amoral communist adherents producing evil minions like Bill Ayers, Eric Holder, and Barack Obama. Family physicians have evolved into factory pharmacy shills dancing on puppet strings to the insurance companies. Community banks have evolved into enforcers for the Federal Reserve’s nation killing currency manipulation. Churches are “tax-exempt” wastelands to pastoral Biblical liars and denominational slick programming, preaching everything socially unimportant yet void of truth about the only Savior of mankind, Jesus Christ.

Is there a way to truly measure how far we have come in America towards complete and utter national ruin? Perhaps this quote will give you some measure of the void that stands between ALL of us and those who “govern” us at this moment.

“I will not allow my oppressors to dictate to me the means of my resistance.” (Credit to follow shortly) A prisoner of war, perhaps? A former French defender from Nazi occupied Europe? A Chinese dissident?

A Russian peasant from Stalin’s Soviet dream state? Before I give you the source, could you imagine yourself in a national catastrophe so great that you were forced to adopt this position so that the armed legions swarming through the country would have no doubt recognizing your iron clad resolve? Have you embraced this level of ABSOLUTE resistance to what is now unfolding in the United States of America? We will either choose this day, life and the struggle that we must now endure for our failure to safeguard freedom in our homes, churches, schools and government, or our only choice will be to count the moments before we attain our eternal life in either Heaven or Hell. The ultimate final breakdown of the two options left to us. Life—-or death.

As you leave our historical Republic in the pages of history, let’s conduct an exit interview and see where you stand before becoming a death state citizen.

Do you excuse every human indignity government agencies create?

Do you laugh at and imitate immoral conduct where you see it?

Do you agree with comedians who demean Christian women or Christian ideals?

Do you laugh at serious Christian positions made to look bad by the subversive American Civil Liberties Union or Homeland Security partner the communist leaning Southern Poverty Law Center?

Do you accept Muslim extremism in schools or on city streets because “it is only fair” and the “Christian” thing to do, while supporting atheist haters that demand an end to all things edifying Jesus?

Does the evil now observable in our nation through the FBI surveillance programs, FDA tyranny in poisoned food production, killer vaccinations, USDA SWAT teams invading natural product farms and overseeing GMO fields, police developing and using crowd dispersing microwave weapons, sonic disruptors, and compliance light weapons, chemical trails in our skies, staffing advertisements for internment camps, and abortion as a procedure so comfortable we consider it a health benefit, alarm you at all?

Did you ever reach a point where you could clearly see that the people in America who warned you of this insidious slide in to an ongoing climate of deceit, distraction, disinterest in anything that did not entertain you, and destructive to all moral and civic actions, was happening to you?

Did you decide that self-deception was favorable to knowing the truth?

Death has become the symbol of America and our national flag has become the “Jolly Roger” flag of pirate days, the skull and crossbones. We may not manufacture anything anymore, but we can wage warfare like real professionals. Death is our trademark if you provide abortion, death comes from our food, death comes from our skies, death is found in perverted sexual activities, death is growing in our fields, death is crawling the unclean floors of our hospitals, death is the sweetener in soft drinks, death in smoking, death in dietary obesity, death to border security, death is found in illicit drugs, death by drones, death by euthanasia, death by Tasar, death by cops if you move wrong, death by government edict, and of course it all results in the death of freedom, common sense, morality, responsibility, accountability, liberty, a noble personal destiny, and death ultimately to your soul.

All of the above are examples of governmental, regulatory, military action, police enforcement, corporate policy, and regulatory sanctioned “lawful” death. —-When law becomes evil and tyrannical, then revolution becomes our duty.

The man who is attributed with the quote I gave is a person I neither hold in any regard nor respect. His life reflected huge amounts of hypocrisy, deceit and subversive links. However, the quote reflects an enduring reality regardless of the point of originality. Have we come full circle……perhaps?

———Martin Luther King is the reputed author.

King was regarded as a “leader” in a cultural struggle that took on the status quo within the “government.” It resonated because people felt oppression and knew instinctively that it was wrong. What happened?

Why was it wrong then, yet we tolerate that oppression today not as a race of people, but as an entire nation?

It is in part because we had no entitlement culture in America in 1957? People were not receiving subsidies for behavior. They knew that government actions were wrong and had to change. As production, medicine and government were all reflective of basic expansion that refined life without defining it even then, we were on a dangerous slope. “Innocent growth” in all venues of American life opened up new possibilities for the exact kinds of change that Barack Obama and Congress sought to use to rule, control and buy the population masses and city cultures without limitation. The more that we desired the more we received as long as Washington was granted the “right” to regulate us into “get the government goodies” chains right up to the slamming of the steel door of our national prison.

You have elected the “Prince of Death” in the White House and he is killing off our liberties. You are “served” by the Congress of Extermination. It is the end of self-government as we have known it. Democrat, Republican, Independent, it makes no difference. This game has a pre-planned deadly end that will be played to the very last—UNLESS—the current “Pre-Civil War” debate is now engaged in earnest with no nice guy attitude for those engaged in its rhetoric. The time for decisive action is immediate. The need for men and women of valor to conduct this side of the struggle is great. A handful of protestors will only be arrested, charged and put away. Huge numbers in the streets as in 1960, with the “We Shall Overcome” efforts, are as critical now as they were then, only ALL Americans are in this struggle and have a stake in its outcome. Until you see it as that, then no amount of justification or encouragement will make any difference at all.

We either win this one together and we do it now before any more Defense Authorization Act measures are enacted, or Presidential Executive Orders are renewed claiming autocratic authority over everything is signed making all resistance criminal or we lose. Even discussing it will be a crime.

Then, no matter what you think, the only option will be open warfare and much worse than in 1861. Time is almost gone. Forcing an American renewal will not happen in the corrupted courts nor in a shameless complicit congress. It must now happen in the gymnasiums, parks, ball fields and can I hope—the church sanctuaries of America with a revised “Black Robed Regiment?”

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Jesus said, “Upon this House I will build my church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.” Matthew 16:18. He meant upon His own life. He has achieved that and the church, the body of true believers, lives not through cathedrals or seminaries but in the undiluted scriptural word of God found ONLY in the Holy Bible. Spend some time there, reflect upon all of these truths, contemplate our nation’s plight and pray for guidance as we face these days together. May God richly bless and protect your household.

© 2012 Greg Evensen

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