Is politics killing the SCV? Part I

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Are liberals and Democrat compatriots dividing the SCV, and obstructing the Charge?
By Mark Vogl

Boy do I know how to stir the pot! But, the question is a real one.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans has a reputation among its members for lack of zeal in defending and promoting Southern heritage. Why? Are there people in the SCV who obstruct activities that could have an impact in the Culture war? This is the first of a two part series on the political parties, and a look at how they could be responsible for an impotent group of heritage organizations. While it will focus on the SCV, the UDC has certainly been “grannified” lately. It is the UDC that has pulled down the Confederate Flag from the Confederate old soldiers home in Richmond. So they are as guilty of political correctness as the SCV.

Our first look will be the Democrats, the liberals!

The foundations of the Sons of Confederate Veterans are anathema, contrary to the principles of the modern Democratic Party. Let’s take a look at the core values of the Sons of Confederate Veterans as prescribed by the Charge;

“To you, Sons of Confederate Veterans, we submit the vindication of the cause for which we fought; to your strength will be given the defense of the Confederate soldier’s good name, the guardianship of his history, the emulation of his virtues, the perpetuation of those principles he loved and which made him glorious and which you also cherish. Remember it is your duty to see that the true history of the South is presented to future generations."

Above, I have highlighted in red the present tense actions held within the Charge which are the essence of the purpose of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and the actions which each compatriot is to embrace as his own. These highlighted portions are the aspects of the Charge which are contrary to liberal political ideology and the precepts of the Democratic Party. So if an individual is both a member of the SCV and the Democratic Party he must find himself at the point of contradiction. Let’s look at this more closely to reveal the paradox.

The length and complexity of this article prohibits an extended discussion of the verbs emulation and perpetuation. As you read this article keep in mind that these verbs are why the SCV exists, and what members are supposed to be doing. If you emulate values, you live them. If you perpetuate values, you bring them from the past to the present.

Vindication of the cause. In Webster’s Dictionary the word vindicate is defined as:

1. to clear from criticism, suspicion, blame, 2. to defend A cause against opposition, 3. To justify. Vindication of the cause is the mission the Sons of Confederate Veterans are given. Vindication is an active verb, it means to do something.

And this something is more than marching in parades, or going to meetings, or holding ceremonies in cemeteries. While these actions certainly honor the dead, none of those actions would clear from criticism, or defend, or justify. Vindicate is something done through confrontation. Vindicate is something done through the presentation, explanation and defense in the face of opposition. And that opposition was created through Reconstruction.

But what is the Cause? This question requires a lot of thought and contemplation. Many compatriots can’t exactly put their arms around what the Cause is, or was. Many have not taken the time to consider this vitally important question. And, there is no brief authoritative answer.

Some would argue that the Cause was simply the defense of the original meaning of the Constitution as written in Philadelphia. Others would argue that the Cause is best understood by knowing the difference between the Confederate Constitution and the US Constitution. When studied it becomes quickly apparent that the CS Constitution was much more conservative than the US.

Within the CS Constitution is:

a. a call for God’s protection and guidance

b. subordination of the central government to the states

c. elimination of Congressional earmarks

d. prohibition of bail outs

e. limits on Congressional power, vis a vis the President

f. inclusion of the Bill of Rights in the original Constitution

g. limits on the central Courts vis a vis the states.

h. Citizenship, in terms of voting and holding office were based on Southern birth.

Simply put, under the Confederate Constitution, the central government could NOT have grown into the present day tyrant of the US government.

The values which the SCV are charged to defend are conservative values. Central among these values is an invitation to God to participate in the governance of the nation. Unlike the US Constitution, and the present day United States, the Confederate States of America clearly embraced its Christianity. The human secularism of today which establishes a flexible morality within the US, would not be present in a nation where God was the determiner of right and wrong.

When one considers that the Bible Belt has been the conservative core of America through its existence, the shedding of the liberal northeast would merely allow a greater expression of this Southern conservatism.

The SCV has shied from its purpose. Its purpose is NOT to be a Southern gentlemen’s club. Its purpose is not to be a large re-enactor organization. The purpose of the SCV is to vindicate the Cause. And the Cause is quintessential conservatism. And so, to limit the SCV, to distract it from its intended purpose, some working within the SCV have constructed false limitations within its governing documents.  Aggressive activity on the part of the membership to vindicate the cause is punishable by expulsion. When the South is assailed in the Culture War, when southern state governments act contrary to their own history, it is not the SCV which steps forward to lead the fight. The constitutions prohibit “political activity” cry lawyers. But they misinterpret “political activity” prescribed by the Internal Revenue Service, IRS so that they can block appropriate activities by the SCV membership.

America is spiraling out of control, rushing towards socialism because the guardians of conservatism, the original intent of the Constitution, and those charged with the vindication of the Cause are hobbled by liberals infested within the organization. Membership within the SCV refuses to climb, despite a potential base of 40 million, because Southern patriots dedicated to the cause find no real commitment within the SCV. The grannies stay, those who want to vindicate the Cause learn they can do more outside the SCV.

To prevent an open discussion of the failures of the SCV, a kangaroo justice system which provides anonymity to accuser, judge and jury rail roads out those who would publicly address the failings of the SCV. The liberals have castrated what could be a conservative goliath in the Culture War, and they will do everything possible to use “the Chicago way” to silence or discredit those who see the conspiracy.

The SCV should be on the frontlines of the Culture War. Instead it is locked in constant internal disputes. The liberals have infested not just the SCV but institutions all across the South. At the Museum of the Confederacy a battle rages which illustrates this point. A VMI grad, SCV and MOS&B member, serving as the Director of the museum prohibited the flying of any Confederate flag at the grand opening of its newest extension! The participation of the Maryland Division Color Guard at this event demonstrates just how divided the SCV is.

The liberals are not the majority within the SCV, at least not from what I have observed in travelling to camps across the South. But many of the liberals are in the governing positions of the respective divisions. The liberals are effective operators who do not show their colors often. They work together, silently, discreetly to hobble the SCV.

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