Let’s create a Confederate holiday!

Economics drives politics, if consumers buy Southern, the South will rise!
by Mark Vogl
Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Let’s create a Confederate Holiday!

One of the great lessons of America is that how people spend their money shapes our society!  Where money goes, politically correct follows.

Please consider what I have written above. Take a moment. Think about it. Do you agree that if people spend money on something that it becomes accepted in America?  If you said yes, than please consider what I propose below!

Economics and money drive what goes on in our world. In many respects economics drives politics. There are between 50 – 80 million Americans with Southern blood that goes back to the days of the Confederate States of America! That is a huge potenital market. Southern music, food, art, history, toys, are popular items. Even with Yankees!  3 million people a year visit Gettysburg, generating 300 million dollars a year in toursim for that little town.  In this new virtual world of the internet regions of the nation dont have to become homogenized into some vanilla America. We can survive. But, we have to think in terms of economics. What makes money stays around.

April is Confederate History month in the South. So I propose that like other holidays in America, you consider purchasing a gift for someone during Confederate history month and maybe even a card. But, I propose that both the gift and the card be oriented towards our Southern history and heritage. Now this will start small, because I know many who read this just wont have the vision to see. But, Christmas started small, Valentines Day, etc. They all started small and now are major marketing periods each year.

Want to see Confederate flags sold in Walmart?  Then buy one!  Want to see Confederate cards in Hallmark, create a demand for them, go to Hallmark and ask if they have any!  Want to hear Southern heritage music on the radio, buy a Jed Marum CD and send it to your favorite radio station!

Now, I won’t mislead. I do have a Commissary at the Confederate War College where you can buy Confederate items.  And sure, I would love for you to stop by the Commissary and place an order!  But, there are other places to make purchases, Dixie Outfitters would be a great place! But dont just purchase something.  Purchase a gift, wrap it in Confederate wrapping paper and give it to a child, or someone you really care about!

Lets talk to our kids. Let’s ask the creative ones to consider developing Confederate wrapping paper, and Confederate holiday cards!  Lets begin to listen to men like Jed Marum, The Majors and others who create Southern music. Lets buy books produced by Pro Southern creators like Charles Hayes who authored a comic strip book about the war, but one with a Southern perspective!

Some of these products are available at The Confederate War College Commissary. So sure I would love for you to stop by and make a purchase of a gift. But spread the word. Let’s start something that continues and grows. Let’s start something that attracts the attention of people with money to invest. The South owns the majority of the battlefields, the majority of places connected to the great war. These could be economic engines for the region!  We need a Confederate Disneyland!  Remember Six Flags had a Southern area when it first opened!  If you go to Sic Flags ask for that area!  When they appear confused point them back to their own history as an amusement Park!

Prove that there is a market for Southern goods. Spend your money on your heart.  Buy Southern.

©2012 Mark Vogl

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