Southern media spin about Dixie hurts the South!

The South is still enduring recontruction, Southern news media’s PC reporting is detremental to its viewers!
by Mark Vogl
Monday, April 16, 2012

Recently, reports about a new “Flags Across the South” project in Paducah, Ky received a less than favorable report by WPSD-TV there.

Are reporters at Southern stations naive, or are they knowingly repeating scar tactics and false representations of the Confederate battle flag to divide the South and repress Southern patriotism?  Do they know the history of the South, and of the Sons of Confederate Veterans?  And do they know that the Confederate battle flag is the most recognized symbol of the South in the entire world?  Have they ever realized that the South is the only region in the United States with a symbol and quasi national anthem!

Do they know that people across the world use the South’s colors when acting against repressive, tyrannical, occupying governments? (See the Berlin Wall, and Afghanistan to start with.)  When is the last time any Southern media did a serious report on the Confederate flag or the heritage organizations, like the S.C.V. and U.D.C.?

Do they know that heritage organizations annually condemn racist groups for misuse of the Confederate colors?  I wonder if those reporters even know its Sesquicentennial (150th Anniversary) of the late unpleasantness?

These questions lead to even other questions.  Do Southern television stations intentionally hire from outside the South?  Are they in cahoots with the other media to make a vanilla America, stripped of her regional identities?  Is there an intentional plan to homogenize America?

The media are not the only Southerners delinquent in their love of the South.  The Southern heritage organizations do a pitiful job of media relations.  There is no national or state plans to encourage and help local camps to visit their local media, tv, radio, and print and familiarize them with the Sons of Confederate Veterans, United Daughters of the Confederacy, the history of the South, and the importance of knowing that the Rebel flag is an internationally known and revered symbol of the South.

Men like Michael Givens (present national Commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans), Chuck McMichael, Paul Gramling and Chris Sullivan are really good men whose heart is dedicated to the Cause. And they have help from others like Gene Hogan, the late Bazz Childress, and Chuck Rand.  Just this past weekend, in Jasper, Alabama, a local group of the S.C.V. , the Hutto Camp, held ceremonies to honor the Confederate Memorial in the town swuare.  A Copy if the remarks (titled Confederate Memorial Day and it’s relevance today) is available at the Confederate War College. 

But, unfortantely, there are just too many in the SCV organization who obstruct real efforts to grow the organization, and most importantly vindicate the Cause.

To illustrate just how weak the SCV is in media work, when the Texas Division Press person was asked to circulate a Press Release state wide, he replied he did not have a state wide media contact list!  Now the media person in Texas is a good man, and held that position for a number of years, but because the Texas leadership failed to use him resulted in a Press person without a state wide list.  The grannies in Texas just sleep. (Not all in Texas are grannies, just the leadership, including most of the state board, known as the D.E.C.)

In any event, a statewide media contact list was generated in less than a day!  And the release went out. (If there are states that have plans handed down to their camps to approach local media, please annotate that at the end of this article so other states may benefit from your work.)  Compatriots (members of the S.C.V.) and their sisters in the U.D.C. across the South work hard to do what they can to vindicate the Cause. But a lot of the leadership of these organizations are just not up to the real work and confrontation required.

When you consider there are between 50 – 80 million living descendants of Confederate veterans in America today you would think Southern heritage organizations would be booming.  Activist organizations are springing up all over the South because the heritage organizations just are not combat effective in the Culture War. (See those organizations in other columns in America Today.)

But, back to the main point of the article.  It’s time for Southerners to realize that you live in the South; that the South is a great place to live.  Southerners should be proud that the trends demonstrate a mass migration from the northeast and mid-west to the South.  And, that the Southern battle flag and Dixie are priceless trademarks of the South.  It’s time to get them out of the closet, polish them up, and re-educate both the northern immigrants and many born in here in the South to the honors and values of the Southern symbols and Southern people.  And there are black spokespersons, like H. K. Edgerton, who have spent decades of their lives telling the story of the South. They should be a big part of this regional renovation work.

It’s time to get the Southern media on the side of Dixie!  And if there are any Southern media who want to take this up, I would be more than willing to help you with an interview, contact me at

Send your comments concerning the WPSD coverage to WPSD- TV100 Television Lane Paducah, KY 42003 Main – 270-415-1900 Fax – 270-415-1981 Newsroom – 270-415-2001 and encourage them to get up to date on the South!

©2012 Mark Vogl

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