MB leaders deciding on confederate flag welcome sign

Apr 24, 2012
By Evan Lambert

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A welcome sign is supposed to give visitors a good first impression, but a proposed sign in Myrtle Beach is already stirring controversy because of the Confederate Flag one group wants to put on it.

The group is called the Myrtle Beach Sons of Confederate Veterans. It asked city council for permission to put up a group sponsored welcome sign on private land along Highway 501.


City leaders say right now, they’re checking with their lawyer about whether the sign would adhere to the city’s ordinances. Typically leaders don’t allow signs on land without a building.

While the city considers the sign, some community leaders and neighbors don’t think it’s a good idea.

"I say bad idea because there’s not enough people using the Confederate Flag like it’s supposed to be used. There’s too many people using it in a negative context," said Pat Causey.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans acknowledge that many people believe the Confederate Flag has a negative connotation, but say it’s not meant to be seen that way.

"They’re wrong. The flag is actually a replica of the cross of St Andrews," said Ken Thrasher, with the group’s Myrtle Beach chapter.

"We’re not an organization that is biased toward anybody. We’re not partisan, non-denominational and non-racist," Thrasher said.

City Council should get back to the group by its next workshop in two weeks.

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