Confederate Memorial Day not to be overlooked

Written by Fritz Chapin  
Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Today is a very important, but overlooked holiday.  Today is Confederate Memorial Day in many states around the South, including Alabama, Florida and Mississippi.

This day should not only be important to the South, but it should be recognized by the whole nation.  The liberal teachings and media would have you think that this day is just for those backwards, racist few who long for the days of slavery, racism and hate, but that was not what the true Confederate cause was.  The true meaning of this day is to honor those individuals who took up the cause of the states retaining their freedom from an overpowering federal government.

They weren’t fighting for slavery, as many liberals would have you believe.  Many of the soldiers who gave their lives for the cause opposed slavery outright or were way too poor to even own slaves.  In actuality, it was slavery that was keeping these people poor because all of the manual labor jobs usually done by the uneducated were being done for free by slaves, thus putting them out of work.  Their cause is kept alive today by many individuals and groups alike.

One such group is the Tea Party, at least in its original form.  Its goal was simple: get the government out of people’s lives and allow them to live how they deemed fit.  The way they went about this was by putting politicians in the House to push their agenda of low taxes and lower government regulation.

By doing this, they’ve blocked harmful bills such as the DREAM Act, effectively opening the boarder to illegal immigration as long as they go to our schools or serve in our military; the JOBS Bill, which would be another trillion dollar bailout that we can’t afford; and put a huge hole in the Unemployment Extension Bill HB 4213 by not letting unemployed citizens get 125 weeks of unemployment but 99 weeks instead, along with a slew of conditions that must be met and continue to be met to keep getting assistance.

Even liberals embrace the Confederate cause every once in a while.  Remember when y’all were ranting and raving about SOPA and PIPA being an invasion of privacy by the federal government?  Or the time y’all hated the Patriot Act because it gave the federal government “almost God-like powers over its citizens,” according to Democrat Ed Pastor.  That was y’all embracing the Confederate roots that are, in actuality, very American roots.

It is our duty as citizens of this great country to make sure that the scope of government stays in check, that we are allowed to be the captains of our own destiny and it’s not the government’s job to step in and tell us how we need to live.  So, next time you get enraged by the government or any authority figure gets into your business, remember that you are invoking the memory of those brave men who fought for a cause they felt, and that is still, justly American.

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