Confederate Memorial Day Observed – Meridian, Miss.

Apr 30, 2012

Confederate Memorial Day Observed
Meridian, Miss.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans held its annual observance of Confederate Memorial Day at the Lauderdale County Courthouse.

The immediate past commander of the Mississippi division, William E. Atkinson, says the day remembers those who died in the Civil War, but also those who survived and helped rebuild the south.



"It was set aside in honor of the tens of thousands of men who not only lost their lives but others that served," said Atkinson. "And it was set aside many, many years ago. And you know the first memorial day they had was in Columbus, Miss., and people put flags on all the graves, even the Union graves. It was the starting of what they called Decoration Day then."

Confederate Memorial Day is observed as a state holiday in Mississippi, Alabama, and several other states. County and state offices were closed.

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