The Amendment that Destroyed America

June 9, 2012
Stephen Clay McGehee   

The War for Southern Independence was about the rights of the individual states as the primary entity of government opposing a massive federal government dictating to the states. Before someone starts screaming, “What about slavery?!”… sure, that was an important factor, but that too was tied into the whole issue of state’s rights. What really drove the final nail in the coffin was the 17th Amendment, passed in 1913.

America was never intended to be one massive government with states being little more than administrative subcontractors for the federal government. It was intended to be a group – a confederation – of sovereign states. The support of “States Rights” has been a Southern theme for almost as long as there has been an America.

Many today will argue that senators should be elected by popular vote. I’ve stated several times here that I am no fan of the popular vote. People wrongly equate popular vote with freedom, when in fact, it has just the opposite effect. It is bad enough that our form of government has descended into something little better than mob rule. What makes it worse is that, thanks to the 17th Amendment, mob rule extends throughout the entire government from the White House to the town hall.

In a future post, I hope to present my own ideas on how a government should be set up – a mental exercise that everyone should go through at least once in their life. More importantly, I’ll also include why I believe it should be that way. Until then, this video goes into the amendment that should be repealed – the 17th Amendment.

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