Is secession the only way out of Obama Care?

If the Supreme Court rules in favor of Obama Care, changing forever the United States of America, can states leave?
by Mark Vogl
Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Can a state or states opt for secession if the Supreme Court rules in favor of changing the very nature of the United States?  Can those of us who prefer freedom to every other convenience or material want be allowed to say good bye?

There is no question that Obama Care is not what the Founding Fathers intended.  And thirty some states have filed lawsuits against Obama Care.  And presently 67% of Americans oppose imposing Obama Care on us!  So, can we leave?  Can we go through the process of convening a state convention to deal with the question of legal secession?

Maybe Obama has done something good for America.  Maybe this particular exercise of imposing socialism on America will provide a second opportunity for the people to say, we are leaving.

The Constitution was never intended to provide for the material needs of the people.  The men in Philadelphia did not set up food stamps, or a department of education.  What they were doing was attempting to create a very restricted central government to deal with issues like foreign affairs, defense, interstate commerce.  This was not supposed to be a European clone, this was supposed to be a wholly new way to govern ourselves with "consent of the governed" and "majority rule" somewhat diffused by a republican form of government, the Bill of Rights and a Constitution which specifically assigned powers and responsibilities.


In effect, what was occurring was that thirteen independent nations, the states, were surrendering a small portion of their national sovereigny to a central federal government.  But all of that was destroyed with Lincoln and the Civil War.  States’ sovereignty was forever flushed down the toilet of history.  Or was it?

Here we are again.  We face the possibility that 2/3’s of the American public opposes a dangerous, untested, new means of providing health care, and transfers one sixth of the American economy to the government could be imposed on us by five people.  Five of nine is all it will take.  But even if it were nine nothing in favor of imposing, it would be nine imposing on three hundred million!  Of which two hundred million are opposed.

Americans do have a choice, the choice is secession.  Not war, not violence.  Just leaving the union that is no longer in concert with the majority of the people.  The American government is already running a large deficit.  The American economy is already stagnating as a result of government policies.  The conditions for America today are worse then the days when Britain wanted to tax tea.  And we have tried.  We have made the effort.  We have passed state referendum, the Courts have over turned.  We have voted time and time again against socialism, homosexuality amd various other policies, and the Courts have set the will of the people aside.

And should not we act before Agenda 21 takes away the legacy of America in its entirety?  Is there not a reason to act before our own representatives commit treason against America?  In fact, would not a Supreme Court decision imposing the right of the government to force us to purchase a product not be treason in and of itself?

Did God do this on purpose?  Did He decide to create this situation on the 150th Anniversary of the Second American Revolution? There is an historical symetry here that seems beyond coincidence.   

So now we must ask; is it time to consider secession and a new start?

©2012 Mark Vogl

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