Georgia Senate Panel OKs Confederate Month

Friday, March 16, 2007

But not everybody’s happy about it:

Democratic Rep. Tyrone Brooks, chairman of the Georgia Association of Black
Elected Officials, said it’s discouraging to see the Confederate month
proposal moving ahead after leaders of the Republican-controlled House and Senate
said they’re not in favor of apologizing for slavery.

“Georgia needs to recognize and apologize and atone for its part in the
slave trade, as Virginia has done,” Brooks said. “Until we do, I
think there will continue to be resistance from African-Americans and others
who are serving in the General Assembly” to efforts like Confederate month.

That’s because only select ethnic groups are permitted to feel pride
in their history. White Southerners who resist official and quasi-official conditioning
to feel shame about who they are are nothing but trouble-makers.

Posted by Mike Tuggle

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