The establishment of the SECESSION CLOCK, set at 6PM.

During the Cold War a "Doomsday clock" was created, today we start a new clock to evaluate how close the U.S. is to seeing a state secede!
by Mark Vogl
Thursday, June 28, 2012

During the Cold War, the Doomsday Clock was created as a subjective measure of the possibility of a nuclear exchange between the United States and the Soviet Union. This clock was reset annually when those responsible for evaluating the tensions between the two Super Powers and the political environment of the planet made a determination where to set the clock. If memory servers the clock always was in a position between eleven and twelve, usually between ten minutes ’til midnight and minutes or seconds before the midnight.

The Doomsday clock was used by different special interests as a tool to make the general public and the main stream media more or less concerned with the possibility of nuclear war. The Doomsday clock has faded in its importance and visibility to the general public as a result of the victory of the United States over the Soviet Union on Christmas Day, 1991. With the end of the Cold War, the Soviet Union collapsed, some republics held within the Soviet Union seceded and established their own nations! On the world stage, the Soviet Union was replaced by Russia and a "partnership" between the United States and Russia was fabricated. As time has passed, the "partnership" has shown signs of dormancy and the differences between the two nations.

Today, as a result of the most recent decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States which clearly repudiate the original Constitution of the United States, and thus are placing the reasons for union between the states in jeapardy, I would like to announce through the Nolan Chart that the Confederate War College is establishing, as of this date, the Secession Clock. The purpose of the Secession Clock will be to attempt to evaluate the possibility of secession of one or more states from the Union.

The original position of the Secession Clock on its first day, June 28, 2012 is placed at Six o’clock. This original position is selected to demonstrate that secession is now a legitimate point of discussion concerning the future of the United States of America. Since the issue of secession has been a non-starter since Appomattox, the significance of re-introducing the idea of secession as a fundamental American’s recourse to a government which is not acting in conformance with the concepts of "the consent of the governed," "rule of the majority," "separation of powers," and the "rule of law."

The Secession Clock is being established because of the decisions of the Supreme Court concerning; Obama Care, the decision against the ability of Arizona law enforcement to protect the state from invasion by illegal immigrants ( due to the failure of the federal government, under both Republican and Democratic administrations to defend the national border and enforce enacted laws concerning immigration). In addition, the Secession Clock has been created in respone to the ongoing process for implementing the United Nations Agenda 21 which does usurp the soveriegnty of the United States of America.

On a periodic basis, (yet to be established) the Secession Clock will be reset to help the general public of the United States understand both the need for consideration of secession as a legitimate response to the actions of the Federal government, and or predict the likelihood of secession by a legal political sub division of the United States.

While the Chancellor of the Confederate War College will make the ultimate decision as to the time to be set on the clock, accepted members of the Confederate War College and other invited persons (all designated as the Time Keepers) will be consulted and allowed to place in consideration written statements intended to influence the setting of the time.

A Secession clock will be created on the Home page of the Confederate War College so that the general public can, from time to time, visit the page to review the setting of the Secession Clock.

©2012 Mark Vogl

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