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Friday, July 06, 2012

It was not to long ago that I received a call from an old school mate regarding an item that he bought as a scrap metal piece for his business. My friend was a dealer in scarp metal and this particular item caught his eye in the separation process. It was a cast iron object that had on it imprinted or forged a Confederate flag. This person had no idea what it was, but knowing that his old friend Chester was a Civil War Historian and Living Historian he called me and asked if I could look at it, and possibly identify it. So I got in my old pick up and drove to the scrap yard. Upon arriving he took me to the office and showed me the item.

To my disbelief I was looking at a cast iron marker depicting the Southern Cross of Honor which I knew at the time came from the gravesite of a Confederate Veteran.

I explained to him what it was and where it came from. Being an honorable person himself and after finding out what it actually was. He entrusted me under my insistence to return it to its proper place and handed it over to my procession.

Therefore. Through Capt. John Zakrzewski and myself. It is now on its way back home in the South where it will be placed upon the grounds where heroes rest in Southern soil.

I wish to Thank Mr. John Ritter and Mr. Gary Johnson for contacting me about this item. And could there have also been Divine intervention? I would say yes.

So. It is on its way back below the Mason Dixon Line.
We will follow it all the way till it is in its proper place of Honor.
For it is our duty as members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and Americans.

We’ll keep y’all posted.

Chester J. Szafarski

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