Lake City police chief, city manager to stay

Civil rights group called for chief, city manager to step down
July 16 2012


Hours after members of a local chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference held a rally asking two city leaders in Lake City to resign, the City Council unanimously passed a vote of confidence for the police chief and city manager at the center of the controversy.

The SCLC said they have several demands, which include having Police Chief Argatha Gilmore and City Manager Wendell Johnson resign. They said they’re upset with many of Gilmore’s leadership decisions, including controversy over a picture of Gilmore with a group of men displaying the Confederate flag.

The group has compiled 97 pages of what members call injustices that have been found by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, including nine cases of misconduct and excessive force.

Members say a lot of African-American officers have been fired, and there have been a lot of questions about Gilmore and Johnson.

Members also point to the fact that the Confederate flag is displayed on the city logo.

Lake City Police Officer Craig Strickland came to show his support for Gilmore and Johnson.

"We’re basically here because of biased allegations, the spirit of offense, personal vendettas for people that have been accused or had negative impact with the police department," he said.

During a meeting Monday night, the City Council approved a motion to keep both Gilmore and Johnson.

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