City Council Votes to Keep Lake City Police Chief Amid Controversy

Jul 16, 2012
Reporter: Eames Yates

Lake City, Florida- July, 16 2012

One Lake City Councilman, Jake Hill, has accused the city’s police chief Argatha Gilmore of firing African American police officers. He says white officers are reprimanded or not punished for breaking the rules.

Others have also expressed similar accusations.

The NAACP’s local branch Vice President, Debra White, said "I do have a concern with the chief that she has fired nine.. she has fired three black officers and six has walked away up under her administration."

But other members of the community are quick to defend the Chief.

Officer Gerald Ford said "I’m just tired of the chief being beat on and dragged around. That’s why I want to speak. To let you know that she’s not running people off she’s welcoming people in."

A photograph of Chief Gilmore posing with members of an organization called Sons of Confederate Veterans also was cause for debate. But members of the organization were quick to articulate the kind of individuals that make up their organization.

A member, Ron Colson, said "these men are, first, good american citizens, and they’re also proud descendents of Confederate soldiers. Of those pictured I believe I recognize at least three of them who are retired from the US armed Forces and one is a current active duty member."

At the meetings close, the city council moved for a vote of confidence for the Police Chief. The vote was unanimously approved

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