Las Cruces mayor applauds anti-Southern article

July 18, 2012
By Michael

Mayor Ken Miyagishima of Las Cruces has chimed in with his praise for an article by reporter Heath Haussamen attacking the New Mexico Tea Party and the Confederate flag. Miyagishima recently exploded in a public rant against the Tea Party’s use of the Southern symbol and vowed to prevent it from being seen in future city parades. Haussamen added his support for the mayor’s opposition to the flag and free speech, as reported on SNN. Among his other claims was that the Tea Party was ‘guilty’ of being ‘offensive’ (as if being ‘offensive’ to what Heath Haussamen believes is a crime). He also claimed the Tea Party should have used the Mexican flag rather than the Southern Cross. The mayor apparently has logged into Haussamen’s site and  wrote ‘Good job Heath!’ in the comment section below the article, supporting the anti-Southern sentiments of the reporter.

We would also like to note that just below Mayor Miyagishima’s praise for the article is a comment from one of the reporter’s adoring readers which says, ‘Heath is declared “Anti-White” by Tea Party supporter, the Southern Nationalist Network – unbelievable.’ And he has a link to our story covering Haussamen’s attack on our flag. There are two very positive aspects to this. First, the Southern nationalist perspective is definitely reaching more and more people these days (and the hits on our site are way up). We are now able to compete with much better funded anti-Southern media companies. Second, notice the use of the term ‘anti-White.’ This is excellent. As we promote a consistent message by using terms such as this we change the narrative. This is an example of the power of words. Notice that our enemies pick up on it right away. They have long understood the power of being on a consistent message. A growing number of our people realise it as well these days. As more of us get on board, our impact will continue to grow.

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