Karen: A Proud Defender of Liberty in her Community

Posted on August 2, 2012

Whether it’s a Believer who shares the gospel on a busy sidewalk, or a protestor standing along the highway holding up signs or flags in 100 degree weather – one things is certain. These people aren’t merely content to sit at home on the couch, watching television and eating ice cream. Rather, they’ve come to a point in their lives where they believe they can be silent no longer, and must speak out in defense of that which they hold dear. Karen is one such person.

Missouri Tenth had the opportunity to conduct an interview with this inspiring lady, and find out a little bit about her efforts in educating and encouraging those around her with the truth. While it’s not an easy task, and often requires sacrifice, folks like Karen understand that it’s ultimately not about us – but about the future we’ll be passing on to our children.

Karen was born in Georgia, lived out her youth in NYC, and has now been in Virginia for about 17 years. She says that her views and feelings about America and the South have changed since she has matured. “I was of course much more liberal in my younger days, but since I am a mother I have grown up a lot.” Karen states. “I have to be responsible for my children, and I feel it’s my duty to try to teach my children about individualism, and what our wonderful country was founded on.”

A working single mother who spends much of her time Flagging and going to Confederate Events, Karen points out that, “ I don’t want to be used or treated as special because of my skin color, but I know I do. I don’t take offense or feel like a token, because I like what I do. I have never felt unwelcome at any event I have been to. If I was ever treated badly I wouldn’t be there. I just do this because I understand the principles of why the South seceded – and if it was me in these Southerner’s shoes at the time, I would have done the same.”

Missouri Tenth: So how did you get involved in promoting liberty in your community?

Karen: It started after I voted for Obama, I didn’t like what he did right from day one. So I joined the Tea Party, and when they were talking about States Rights – I said, “Wow! That is what the South was saying!” So I started researching the reasons for the War for Southern Independence (so-called Civil War). I then realized that the South was right.

I try to support the Southern way of life now by flagging and supporting Southern events, and I give to Southern causes. My family is liberal and we do not communicate much at all.

Missouri Tenth: What are your views on State Sovereignty, Southern Nationhood and the Federal Government?

Karen: I am a firm believer in States Rights. If I don’t like what is happening in my state, I must work to change it, or I vote with my feet by moving. This is what our Founders wanted us to do to keep our State Sovereignty.

Southern Nationhood is another thing I believe in, and I don’t want it to be lost. I love the Southern way of living and the hospitality that is here. What I love about the Southern way of living is that we don’t care what you do up North, but you will not change how we do things down here. Things like God, family, our Statehood and capitalism.

Missouri Tenth: Do you think the Federal Government’s intervention into people’s lives has been a good thing?

No I do not. Government has been the problem. People will grow and work things out all on their own in time. Why people think that the Government is righteous or moral is beyond me. The Government is neither. They are a necessary evil in my opinion, and should be kept small with very limited Federal and State powers.

Missouri Tenth: What would be your hope for the people of the South today, and in the near future? What would you recommend for these groups to do in order to live peacefully, in Christian charity with each other?

I must be honest. I don’t have much hope for the American people today – and that includes Southerner’s because of how reconstructed they have become. In order for Southerner’s to live peacefully together, they must understand the principles that the South fought for. Things like States Rights, Capitalism, Christianity and simply the Southern way of living. But if the people don’t understand that, we will never be able to live in peace.

 Thank you Karen for all your hard work for liberty in our communities, and for allowing Missouri Tenth to spend a little time talking with you!

If you’d like to learn more about Karen’s efforts, please see her facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/dvcdmom3

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