Confederate flag controversy brings protestors to Elizabethton

By: Cameron Crapps | WJHL
Published: July 28, 2012

Elizabethton, TN —

A Confederate flag flying over a Carter County cemetery is the spark of new controversy tonight. We first told you about a Confederate flag flying over Green Hill Cemetery in Elizabethton when members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans erected the monument in honor of several confederate soldiers buried in the cemetery.

The Watauga Historical Association Vice President Dawn Peters told 11 Connects in October there shouldn’t be a huge Confederate flag flying overhead when there’s not even a large American flag at the cemetery.

Today, a group calling themselves "Tennessee Flaggers" from four different states gathered at the cemetery to protest those against the flying of the Confederate flag.

“I’m not ashamed of my family,” says Rick Morrell. “I’m proud of what they believed in." Morrell and other Tennessee Flaggers marched across Green Hill Cemetery and gathered in protest of those opposed to flying the Confederate Flag there.

"Those soldiers over at Green Hill Cemetery deserve to have their flag flying over the graves of those humble men,” says  H.K. Edgerton. “Every time I pick this flag up and come to a gathering like this, I’m at a gathering of love the same kind of love that existed then."

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